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Well, hello, there...

Welcome to the official site of Amo Jones. Here you will find her latest releases, up and coming events, her online Merch store, and other cool things that she either hasn't got around to adding, or is in the middle of adding. She's basically a continuous horror novel that doesn't know when to write The End, New Chapter, or how to get herself out of those plot twists. 



The Elite Kings Club left a trail of fear behind every person who whispered their names throughout the centuries that they’d existed. They were the product of every nightmare you were told as a child, only now, they don’t go bump in the night. They race modified cars, throw parties to conceal their morbid games, and leave behind the kind of chaos that can never be tamed.

They were from an ancient bloodline of the three Founding Fathers, and it was almost time for them to plunge deeper into the depths of hell. Now that they were all on their motherland, and even closer to an island with history as dark as it was ruthless, no one had a say in the carnage of what was to come. And in this case, with War and Halen. Until now, they were nothing but exactly as they appeared on the outside.

He was a brother’s best friend, and a boy Halen had never not known.

She was the daughter of one of the most feared families known to man, and the only girl who ever kindled his rage. They’d push and pull until it tore them apart…if only to feel the shell of their bodies close.

Halen knew crossing that line with him was dangerous ground, yet she yielded her weapon and did it anyway. But history was being challenged, and The Kings were about to learn that not all enemies are discovered on a battlefield.

Some are the ghosts of what was left behind.


"War and His Queen were an incredible introduction to a fast paced, dark, and heart pounding romance!"

Amazon review

Amo wears a literary c*ck and she continues to F-- us with every book."

Early reader review 

"Artful writing, story-telling that makes you think, and spice that melts the pages. I could not ask for a better book!"

Early reader review

"Wow. What the hell did I just read? Gripping, steamy, with words that make you want to throw your kindle, melt, or reread because WAIT DID SHE JUST WRITE THAT!"

Amazon review




We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.


Amo Jones... but you can call me @darkromancemommy...

Hi there! It's me. The one who isn't very good at writing short bios about herself because, well, it's simply not a dark, twisted romance novel.

I'm very young (so very young - twenty, in fact), and I chill with my four teenagers (yes you read that right - four)...


*whispers* send help...


After moving to Australia from Aotearoa twelve years ago, we made our little home on the beautiful coastline of the Great Barrier Reef, also known as The Whitsundays. Writing and publishing since 2015, I've been winging this whole thing since my teenagers were babies and toddlers. I have a very big soft spot for the flawed, unhinged, and misunderstood people of the world, and I make it my mission to break every single one of my own when they come strolling through my head with their red flags, broody nature, tendency to (you know-do that thing we all like), and sassy (or not) personalities. 

Don't worry. They survive at the end and always swing back at me. Got bruises on my ass to prove that. You're also welcome for the ones I leave inside your head. 

I like music you won't hear on the radio, coffee with almond milk, my two asshole cats and Husky with a God complex, my husband that's terrifyingly protective, girlfriends who are more like sisters, and I have an unwavering flaw of leaving everything to the last minute before getting anything done. 

A connoisseur of dark, twisted romance novels, I found my home amongst a community of readers and authors alike who, just like me, exist on the darker side of life.

If that's you, too... well... welcome. 

E whakahīhī ana he maori ahau, me mana wahine tupuna. 

Ko Tuhoe te Iwi. 

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