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Want to sign up to receive Advance review copies of Amo Jones books?


What are Advance review copies? Well, they’re early review copies of Amo’s future books in exchange for an honest review. There are two categories that she has opened up.


The first category is for bloggers only.


The second category is for Bookstagrammers.


1) Do you run a blog with a review site platform like Amazon or Goodreads, and a website? Or if you're a Bookstagrammer, do you review on Amazon and or Goodreads?

2)Once you have filled out the form, you are in Amo’s database, but please note that as much as we would love to offer one to every person, only a select amount of numbers will be chosen by random. It does not matter how big or small your blog is;


every blogger/bookstagrammer is welcome on this list.

If you do not get chosen for one release, you may be chosen for another. Amo also releases through a PR company who also send ARC's, so make sure you're following her on social's to stay updated (or simply subscribe to the newsletter right here on this site).


3)With every release, Amo may reach out to the email that you supply to offer an opportunity to host a giveaway on behalf of her. All details will be sent in the email you receive, but if you're not interested, you are under no obligation to participate.


Does this still sound like you? Please fill in the form below.


Thank you so very much for being interested in receiving an ARC from Amo Jones.

Blogger & Bookstagrammer form

Thanks for submitting! Please ensure is added onto your safe-list.

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